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Hello – and welcome to the first update on “Dale Renton’s Writing” website.

If you’ve come to this site, it’s likely that you:

a) Know me.

b) Have read one or more of my books.

c) Mistyped a URL.

Whether you’re type a), b) or c) (acknowledging that the “Cs” have probably not read this far) – I’m very pleased that you’re here. Over the coming days and weeks I’ll continue to add what I hope will be features of some interest to you. For today, I’ll keep it to a quick summary of what’s happening with my SF novel, ‘DART‘ and my Epic Fantasy novel, ‘Half Moon‘.


After making the semi-final (selected as one of the top five entries in the SF/Fantasy/Horror category) of the 2019 Publishers Weekly’s The BookLife Prize, ‘DART’ has continued to garner great reviews on platforms such as GoodReads,, Readers’ Favorite and BookSirens. All of these platforms are predominantly US based. In an attempt to generate some interest in ‘DART’ in the UK, I’ve entered the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. I should find out by the beginning of March whether ‘DART’ has made finals in the Adult Fiction category.

In other news about ‘DART’ – I’m currently working with a brilliant artist who has done covers for such wonderful authors as Roger Zelazny (The Amber Series) and Edgar Rice Burroughs (John Carter novels) to develop an all new cover. I’ll post updates here as this work progresses – hopefully with some “sneak peaks” at what is coming.

Finally – DART 2 (working title) is underway! The second book about Darthanil ‘Dart’ Black’s adventures will be my writing focus for the next few months. More on that next time I post here.

Half Moon

‘Half Moon’ was revised and upgraded with an all new cover (pictured above) as well as a Map of the Kingdom of Parr and the High Plains (drawn by budding cartographer yours truly!) and a comprehensive List of Characters. As a self-published second edition, I think it compares pretty well with the original, traditionally published edition from 2011.

First Edition Cover

  1. tanushria
    15/02/2020 at 4:12 am

    Whoa! These covers are awesome! Although I think a smirk would look better on Dart ( maybe turn up the corners of his lips a little?)
    As for the question: My memory really, really sucks!! I’m trying hard to figure out who Descartes was. Was he the former Slyth leader? Or the leader of the first settlers? And the Slyth did not agree with him so the formed a different community… This is as much I could guess from my not-so-good memory. Maybe I could use a reread!
    Also looking forward for that readers competition. I’d love to get a signed copy from. Keep writing awesome stories!
    – Tanushri (a.k.a. ➹ƓℛἎℂℰ⚡/ Grace)

  2. tanushria
    03/03/2020 at 4:36 am

    I’m pretty excited for “Dart 2”. Have you started to work on it yet? Are you planning to write a trilogy?

    • 03/03/2020 at 3:21 pm

      Hi Tanushria – nice to hear from you again! The second Dart novel is underway and will end up a similar length and style. I can’t give much away about the story as my writing tends to allow things to evolve rather than working to a strict plan – but I can assure you: Darthanil “Dart” Black is in a lot of trouble, once again; and once again, he doesn’t always choose the most diplomatic of words – particularly in moments of crisis!
      Not sure if this will be the second in a trilogy at this stage but I can assure you it takes a direction that allows for many more Dart stories to be told.

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