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Free Books!

For the whole of July 2022, both DART ( and HALF MOON (Half Moon on Smashwords) are available to download from SmashWords – absolutely free. You can download the e-books in whatever format you prefer.

If you read either book and enjoy it – do please take a few minutes to leave a rating and/or review. Those few words from you may encourage others to take a look.


Site updates with freebies!

Okay, some long overdue updates to the website to make it more interesting (I hope) for visitors. Website maintenance is not my strong suit, so forgive me if things aren’t as slick here as on other author sites. 😉

I’ve tidied up the menu tabs so that they now all work correctly (fingers crossed) and if you click a link to another site, it will open in a new tab instead of taking you away from where I’d much rather you stayed for a while!

As for the freebies – there are now a couple of additional pages.

The opening chapter of DART is available to read here for the SF/Action/Adventure fans.

The opening chapters of Half Moon are available to read here for Fantasy fans.

I hope you enjoy these samples. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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